Mysterious Legal Rap

Yo, listen up, let’s talk legal stuff
Typed signature and you, legally bluff
Is it really binding? Tell me, what’s the deal?
I need to know, is this signature real?

There’s something known as the notice clause, hidden in plain sight
It’s in the agreement, shining so bright
No need to wonder, no need to be blue
You’ll understand it all, when you’re done with this crew

I found a term, I don’t quite get
Integrity agreement, no need to fret
It’s all about honesty, and doing what’s right
Stick with me, and it’ll be out of sight

Airlines, oh airlines, with your special prorate agreement
This is some stuff that I need to know straight
Tell me the deets, what’s in the air?
I’ll understand it all, no need to despair

Now here’s a term that’s global, you see
Global master repo agreement, and it’s all just for me
It’s legal, it’s binding, it’s really cool
Stick around, you’re nobody’s fool

Contract compliance, now what’s that?
It’s all about following rules, like a diplomat
I’ll walk you through, no need to stress
You and I, we’ll ace this test

Let’s talk interactive law, and what it might mean
It’s engaging, it’s real, it’s almost like a dream
I’ll guide you through, don’t need to ask
You’ll know it all, no need to wear a mask

Legal counsel for Gucci, can you believe?
It’s a real thing, and I’ll help you achieve
We’ll talk about branding, and all things hip
Stick around, you’ll be ahead of the trip

Now it’s time to look at billing laws, and understand the score
You’ll be in the know, you won’t be a bore
All these laws, they won’t be a blur
You’ll be the best, that’s for sure

Last but not least, let’s talk about the body politic
It’s a legal definition, and it’s no gimmick
Stick with me, and you’ll understand
You’ll be the master, you’ll be in command